The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Attached to Harry Potter

I have been stalking the Tomatometer this whole week watching each new fresh review come in for ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II’.  Currently the finale to the highest grossing movie saga ever is sitting at 100% with 20 reviews.

There is no denying that Harry Potter garners enough excitement of his own, but according to SuperoHeroHype, a teaser trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will be attached to the beginning of the finale.

“We’re hearing that the teaser trailer is a minute and 33 seconds long and will play in 3D  theaters, 2D theaters and IMAX 3D screens.”

SuperHeroHype also is reporting that the first trailer for ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ and a second trailer for ‘Happy Feet Two’ will play at the front end of the film.

Two things The Tomato Monster loves: Potter (primarily the books) & The Dark Knight. This news might have secured my spot at a midnight showing.

By the way, The Tomato Monster will be tracking any and all news pertaining to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, so make sure to check back in.


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