Netflix Instant Streaming Review: Daybreakers

Rotten Tomatoes Grade: 67%
RT Top Critics Grade: 46%
Metacritic Score: 57
Tomato Monster Grade: C+
The Tomato Monster

‘Daybreakers’ is no Edward & Bella story.

Similarities to Twilight: 1) The movie is about vampires. 2) There is a vampire that is a hero and refuses to live off of humans. 3) There is a mild romantic connection between a vampire and a human…again I said mild.

While there is a vampire that is a protagonist in ‘Daybreakers’, the film should be well received by people who appreciate a more dark, gothic and violent vampire noir. The film tells a futuristic story of a world where vampires are the majority, and their future looks dismal because of the lack of blood supply, due to the few humans that are still alive. Ethan Hawke (Nominated for 2 Oscars: Best Supporting Actor – ‘Training Day’ & Best Adapted Screenplay – ‘Before Sunset’) plays the role of the protagonist vampire that is in charge of creating a blood substitute to ensure the survival of the vampire population. His mission is slightly altered when he comes across a group of humans, led by Willem DaFoe (Nominated for 2 Oscars: Best Actor in a Supporting Role in ‘Shadow of the Vampire’ & ‘Platoon’), a former vampire, who has found a cure for the plague that has turned everyone into vampires. Sam Neill plays the role of the antagonist in the film, as the CEO of the company in charge of creating a blood substitute, but he also has an ulterior motive of repopulating humans and selling them for their blood.

If I were to critique the critics on this one, I would say that critics came out on top with this one. The film is an enjoyable vampire flick. It is gory and violent, but not to the extreme. It manages to pull at your emotions, especially through the relationship between Hawke and his brother in the film, Michael Dorman. I really enjoyed the cinematography and some of the concepts embedded within the plot.

I don’t mind a short film, but something about ‘Daybreakers’ left me wanting more. I think the story and plot had potential and could have gone much further. It also seemed like the movie failed to explain particular details, which also could be related to the length. The script didn’t blow my mind, but maybe it wasn’t supposed to.

Horror/Vampire/Zombie movies quite often struggle critically, but ‘Daybreakers’ received a passing grade, and I’m ok with that. If vampire movies are your cup of tea, ‘Daybreakers’ is worth the instant stream.

-To what lengths will you go to make other people like yourself?
– Its never too late for reconciliation in a relationship.
– The disgusting thing about vampires is that they live off of humans, something they once were. Quite often we are willing to ‘suck the life’ out of others if it leads to our gain.
– Loneliness & lack of purpose can be disguised in the form of prosperity.
Directed & Written by: Twin German brothers, Michael & Peter Spierig, both wrote and directed ‘Daybreakers.’ The Spierig boys have only directed & written one film prior to this, collaborating in the Australian zombie flick ‘Undead’ (Rotten Tomatoes: 30%/Metacritic: 34). Their average grade on Rotten Tomatoes is a 48.5%.
Budget: $20,000,000
Box Office: $51,416,464 ($30,000,000 Domestic)


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