Noteworthy News: Comics at the Movies

1) Universal has officially dropped Ron Howard’s and Akiva Goldsman’s ambitious project of taking on Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower.’  The goal was to make three feature films accompanied by two-seasons of a TV series that would fill the gaps in between the movies.  Apparently the vision was too much much for Universal, whether it was money, or not believing that the project would be successful.  Whether or not Howard and Goldsman will be able to convince another studio to take a risk on ‘The Dark Tower’ is the question.  To defend the title of this post, Stephen King’s 7-book ‘Dark Tower’ series was picked up by Marvel, and has been recorded in comic book form since February of 2007.

(Via The Playlist)

2) ‘300: Battle of Artemisia’, you guessed it…a prequel to ‘300’, has found it’s man.  Zach Snyder, the director of ‘300’, helped write the screenplay for the prequel but was unable to break away from his work on ‘Man of Steel’ to direct the film.  In comes Noam Murro (‘Smart People’) to the rescue.  The prequel is expected sometime in 2013 and is based on Frank Miller’s yet-to-be-released graphic novel ‘Xerxes.’

(Via The Playlist)




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