Tomato Monster Review: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Rotten Tomatoes Grade: 64%
RT Top Critics Grade: 58%
MetaCritic Score: 54
Tomato Monster Grade: B-
The Tomato Monster

The dirty truth about this movie…Chu puts together a solid documentary. The grade could have been higher, and I think it would have been if the subject would have been different. The movie making quality was superb and much better than the apparent cheese filled ‘Step Up’ movies he directed.

The movie did a great job of telling two stories at the same time. It was good storytelling by Chu to intertwine Bieber’s biographical sketch with the build up to the Madison Square Garden show.

It should be known that I was a closet Bieber fan coming into the movie. But on the real, his story was worthy of the big screen. An inspirational story of a kid who had a dream, talent and a powerful Twitter account.


      • The internet is insanely powerful.
      • Even though it’s not the main emphasis of the movie, it makes a strong case for the necessity of social networking in rising to the top in today’s culture.
      • Don’t let age hold you back from chasing your dreams

Directed by: Jon Chu

‘Never Say Never’ is Chu’s 3rd feature film that he has directed, & his 1st documentary. His average score on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer is 45.3%.

Chu is currently directing G.I. Joe II which is scheduled to gone out in August of 2012.
Budget: $13 million
Box Office: $98.4 million


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