Friday Forecast: August 1, 2011 (Late)

I’m sorry that this version of the Friday Forecast comes a bit delayed. As a result, the box office information from this past weekend is included.

1) Cowboys and Aliens – Rotten Tomatoes Grade: 44%/Metacritic: 50

Embarrassingly, Jon Favreau’s ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ barely took the box office this past weekend, squeaking out a victory over ‘The Smurfs’ by a mere $800,000. While most agree that the film is entertaining, many found the dialogue and the plot to be lacking. This is the first Favreau film that has received a failing grade.

Weekend Box Office: $36.4 million

2) The Smurfs – Rotten tomatoes: 21%/Metacritic: 30

Our little blue friends from the past almost pulled a massive upset in the box office this past weekend. Director Raja Gosnell has never made a movie that received a passing grade, and ‘The Smurfs’ stays the course, but there is no denying that his awful movies make money.

Weekend Box Office: $35.6 million

3) Crazy, Stupid, Love – Rotten Tomatoes: 75%/Metacritic: 68

As is often the case, the highest reviewed movie that hit the box office this weekend failed to take crown, which continually reemphasizes the fact that our culture often settles for stupidity, and continues to fund the epidemic by purchasing tickets.

Weekend Box Office: $19.1 million


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