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Trailer: Del Toro Attempting To Scare Us Crapless With ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’

This trailer caused me to morph into the mental state of a little school girl. I’m guessing that was the intent of producer Guillermo Del Toro. According to the famed producer, he is aspiring for this film “to completely scare younger generations crapless.” Check out this excerpt via The Playlist:

‘Dark’ had always been planned as a PG-13 movie aimed just as squarely at the teen crowd as at adults. But once the MPAA got through their review, they decided the goosebumps it gave them were enough to warrant an R-rating. “It changes a lot from a commercial point of view,” says del Toro. “I would have loved for it to be PG-13. We conceived it as a very classically made, spooky movie that would have the same effect it had on me as a kid. I wanted to completely scare younger generations crapless.”

But the producer always prefers to look on the bright side. “It’s really a badge of honor because they gave us an R for being scary. It’s not an R for being gory. The decision was do we change it to get the PG-13 or keep it an R? I’m a big believer that, if you get an R and the movie’s good, you keep the R. Why destroy the movie to make it more marketable? I think it’s a mistake.”

The MPAA didn’t stop del Toro from showing it to his own kids. “Oh yeah, they already saw it,” laughs del Toro. “I think 8 years old is extreme, [but] 13, 11, 12 for sure. Video games are much more brutal than people even remember. And cartoons are really aggressive and crazy in a beautiful way.”

Troy Nixey will make his debut as a director in ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’, but he can take comfort in the fact that Del Toro not only is producing the horror flick, but that the legend has also written the screenplay alongside of Matthew Robbins.

‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ hits theaters this Fall on August 26th.