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‘New Year’s Eve’ Trailer

At first it was believed that ‘New Year’s Eve’ was going to be a continuation of Garry Marshall’s (Pretty Woman & Runaway Bride) last project, ‘Valentine’s Day’, which was obviously centered around a holiday, and also featured Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, and Hector Elizondo. We now know that it is not a continuation, and the returning actors will portray new characters in the film. While ‘Valentine’s Day’ was pounded by critics (17% on Rotten Tomatoes), it did manage to more than quadruple the budget in box office gross alone. While it isn’t a continuation of ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘New Year’s Eve’ looks to tell a similar tale, of numerous interwoven stories that all take place on a popular holiday. The cast is silly, boasting Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Robert De Niro, Hillary Swank, Katherine Heigl, Zac Efron, Lea Michelle, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfieffer, Halle Berry, Ludacris, and Josh Duhamel.

I have full expectations that ‘New Year’s Eve’ will be shredded similarly by critics, like ‘Valentine’s Day’ was, but a box office success nonetheless. It hits theaters on December 9, 2011.